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What’s The Best Way To Store Skis In My Garage or Townhome?

When working with limited storage space, by far the best way to store skis in your garage or townhouse is secured on the wall, in a safe location off the floor.

Whether for the ski-season or off-season for the longer term, Garage Guru has a selection of cost-effective ski storage solutions to discuss with you – but here are three of our staff favourites:


First, consider the Hangemright ski storage system. Hangemrights are designedfor hanging a pair of downhill skis from the binding, not the tips. We often install them in Whistler, where skiers are pretty discerning about ski storage. And for alarge collection of skis we mount Hangemrights on a board.


Next, how about our slat wall panels with designated ski hooks that allow you to hang skis anywhere on the slat wall? A great advantage to the slat wall is its PVC construction, which protects the wall and gives you the flexibility to add hooks for poles and helmuts.


And finally, why not try our Monkey Bar Storage Shelving system, a great option because you can use the heavy duty shelf above for bin storage and then hang your sk’s underneath. The Monkey Bar Storage product line also offers a flush-mount bracket and bar system for low profile areas. Both the slat wall and Monkey Bar systems offer hooks that can moved and adapted for changing needs.

Rethink your ski storage and you’ll make your life so much better!

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