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Vancouver garage with slat wall with sports equipment in baskets and hanging from hooks.

Heavy Duty Shelving
(without hanging storage below)

  • Great long-term storage
  • Industrial grade steel brackets
  • Can hold 1000 lb. per 4ft. section
  • Customizable (can be fitted around windows, doors etc.)
  • Clean look
  • 24” depth with safety lip
  • Quality Monkey Bar construction
Looking down the side of garage with car on the left and overhead storage on the right and hanging equipment storage below.

Heavy Duty Shelving
(with hanging storage below)

  • Comes in two depths: 16” & 24”
  • Layered bar system for adjustable hanging storage
  • High storage volume and weight capacity
  • Three to five times more storage than other garage shelving systems
  • Layered system adapts to your changing storage needs
  • Perfect storage system for a busy lifestyle
  • Quality Monkey Bar construction

Accessories – Hooks and Bars

Garage shelving in Garage Guru display in North Vancouver.

Adjustable Wall Shelves

  • Depth: 12″
  • Industrial grade steel bar brackets
  • Adjustable shelves allow for taller items
  • White shelves with grey edge banding
  • Quality Monkey Bar construction
Two Garage Guru single garage shelves in North Vancouver showroom.

Guru Shelves

  • Depth: 12″
  • Three sizes: 3’, 4’, 8’
  • Heavy-duty weight capacity
  • White melamine shelves with grey edge banding
  • Sturdy non-adjustable shelves
  • Ideal for single shelf needs