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Garages are tremendously underutilized space. If you think about a two-car garage, it’s comparable to most kitchens in terms of square footage and therefore it’s very valuable, given residential real estate prices.

And yet people put their leftover cabinets and cast-off furniture into the garage, as well as so many other household items. In many cases, the family cars can no longer fit in the garage.

So with a good plan and the right components you can maximize your valuable garage storage space and enjoy using it. We often save people the expense of creating a shed, or of renting long-term storage lockers.

They need to consider a budget. They need to think about what are the big things that they want to store and how do they wish to use their garage?

We carry a variety of high-quality products, some only available from Garage Guru. We put together a plan for the homeowner using our Monkey Bars storage shelving, melamine or metal cabinets, slat wall storage products and Steadyrack bike racks to maximize use of space and to meet all storage needs. We also install overhead products like ceiling mount storage and pulley systems for bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and other items.

People love our high-quality shelving and hook systems from Monkey Bar, our durable slat wall storage that comes in a variety of colours, our Steadyrack bike storage products and our floor coatings. We provide free estimates that include a detailed plan and a 3D design so that customers can really see how the garage storage space is going to feel.

We have shelving that can hold 1000 lbs, cabinets that are constructed mostly of metal in order to weather our Vancouver climate, slat wall (PVC boards with shelves and many storage accessories to cover your wall, specialized bike storage that lets you store your bikes vertically on a wall without lifting them, and attractive, durable and cleanable floor coatings. By the time we are finished the estimate process, the client will have a plan for all of the big items needing storage, an understanding of traffic patterns that show where people walk and park within the garage, and a cost.

We go over pricing in detail in the estimate. People usually spend between $2000 to $5000 for garage storage — it varies greatly. We work within people’s budgets. Visit our showroom and we can discuss your project. We are here to help.

We select all of our products for their quality. Some of our products easily hold a thousand pounds, while other products are designed for lighter items such as skis and snowboards, golf clubs and kayaks. Weights vary greatly in a garage, and so do our products. In general our weight ratings are higher than items you find in the big box stores.

In the design process, we meet with the owner to discuss plans for the big items and the small. We develop a 3-D design and budget.

Yes we do. The bulk of our work is custom installations. We make it work, no matter the garage type!

Yes. First, Garage Guru has a reputation for carrying attractive, quality storage product. After a garage makeover, the space generally looks terrific. Second, personal preference does play a role in garage storage: some people want their storage items hidden, and others like them viewable and easily accessible. It really comes down to budget, space and client needs. A lot of items in a garage don’t store easily, so we make sure we’ve dealt with them in the best way possible.

It can be a mistake to go to the mall to buy metal shelving that takes up a large footprint but doesn’t efficiently store the items people need to store. It can be very helpful to talk to our experts about how clients actually use the space, and what are the best storage options available.

We have our own crew and equipment, skilled carpenters who know our designs & products well. They are able to make any changes on site if needed. We do not subcontract.

There are warranties on all our products and we want to hear if you are not completely happy!

Garage Guru is locally owned and we use our own trucks, tools and crews. We don’t subcontract. We’ve built our business on a great team, great product and great work that keeps our customers happy. We have a new showroom in North Vancouver, and a very popular website at www.GarageGuru.ca.

We are doing more rooms in the house now than ever before. Our products are being used in laundry rooms, mudrooms and closets. Our slat wall product has a closet line, which we are now carrying. It enables you to customize your closet anytime. For example when a child gets older and you want to move the hanging bar higher, it is easily done.

We are asked many questions: For example, we often hear the following:
“How can I make some sense out of the chaos that is my disorganized garage?”
“Is there some way for me to park my car in the garage and also maximize garage storage?”
“Where will all these things go?”
“Does Garage Guru install?”