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Before & After in West Vancouver


Let’s face it. If you’re like most people, then there’s only so much time – and so much space. And nothing illustrates that more than a Garage Guru customer we’ll call Colleen

A super-active mom of two equally-active girls, Colleen balances her own full schedule with that of a busy husband and their daughters’ school commitments, swimming, horseback riding, skiing and other activities.

Having just made the move with the family to West Vancouver from across the bridge, Colleen saw a real need to organize her family’s sports and leisure equipment in a way that preserved the look of her beautiful modern home, but also followed a plan that was flexible enough to provide lasting benefits.

In other words, Colleen and family wanted to spend less time organizing, and more time playing. We were brought in to find a place for everything so her family, after a fun, action-packed day, could easily place all their leisure equipment back where it belongs.

That’s just the kind of project we love to do! And here’s how we did it:

First we spent some quality time going over Colleen’s goals. We considered all her storage needs as well as every available option.

Next, we created a personalized plan with a 3D rendering that responded to all Colleen’s requirements. We included wall-mounted storage systems, we added modern, durable cabinets, we created different zones for different uses, we supplemented the garage space by providing overflow storage in the pool room.


In addition, we added a small workbench, ample hanging accessories to provide the future flexibility of the family’s changing needs – and we even made ample space to park two family cars.

All of the family’s storage needs were met according to their budget, while our trained staff maintained the modern look and feel of the family’s home.

The verdict? Colleen liked the results so much that we went on to rethink the storage requirements for their Whistler home.

The staff at Garage Guru have been assisting our customers with garage storage and flooring throughout the Lower Mainland for a decade.

We’ll work with you to choose a custom set of products that exactly fits your storage and flooring requirements, selecting from our product lines of flooring, overhead storage options, slatwall systems and accessories, bike storage products, high-quality cabinets and shelving.

And we’ll help you adapt the resulting project to your exact current and future storage needs through providing a wide range of accessories and some guidance on how to manage your storage space.

If you’re looking for a team of full-time, professional garage experts, give us a call. We focus on garages all day, everyday.

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