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We’re always so gratified to hear back from our customers! Here are some samples.

We Are So Happy

Thanks Christine! The floor looks fantastic! We are so happy with how it turned out!!
I also wanted to comment on the crew that came out – they were so personable, very attentive to our questions, and didn’t mind us peeking in (repeatedly!) on what they were doing. They also did a fantastic job cleaning up at the end of the day!


Pleasant and Professional

The racks and cabinets look very good. Your guys did a great job of installing them. All in all I am very pleased with the product. I have already received a number of comments from other residents who have seen it. Perhaps you will get more business from the building. I will certainly recommend you…. Please thank the installers for their great job. They were very pleasant and professional.

MIke – Vancouver North Valley

Our Garage Looks Awesome

Our garage looks awesome, thanks so much for everything!

Louise – Richmond

Exceeded Our Expectations

Thank you for all your hard work in installing the monkey bar system into our garage. Your attention to detail and desire to install it properly has exceeded our expectations. We love the final outcome. We’ve been hangin’ out in the garage admiring how tidy everything is (I know call us crazy)!

Carrie & Don – Vancouver, BC

Thank You

I love it! Thank you.

Ina E – Vancouver, BC

Highly Recommend

Between camping, fishing, boating, archery, gardening and other interests our garage was just massive piles of stuff. Every time we wanted to do an outing all the piles had to be hauled out, sorted into what is needed and putting the remainder of items back into the garage in disorganized piles. This process took so long and was very frustrating. Garage Guru have monkey bar shelves that allow hanging your gear from them in levels. I was amazed how much stuff I could hang just in one three foot section. Our garage is fairly old and showed years of stains, cracks and general real life use. We also had Garage Guru sand and patch the concrete floor and protect it with a gorgeous sealer that really makes our garage look clean and fresh. Christine and her installers were very professional and really cared about doing a quality job that in the end exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Garage Guru if you want to tame your garage monster. Our last outing took 80% less time to grab and pack what we needed.

Ross B – North Vancouver, BC