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We carry a complete line of garage systems:

  • Monkey Bar Storage System
  • Challenger Cabinets
  • Contur Cabinets
  • Steadyrack Bike Rack
  • Pro-Slat
  • Strongrack Overhead Storage

Finding your inner garage

Let’s Get Space-y
Once you book an appointment with our team of trained storage experts, we’ll show you how our products can unlock your hidden storage potential. Using the latest in design software, we’ll give you a 3D plan of your new garage. Call now to unleash the magic. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a sports car hidden in your garage!


Before and After

From mess to success. These pictures are worth a thousand words. Check out the gallery for more shots.

Enlightened Storage

Achieve the garage you’ve dreamed of with the help of our motivated team. Whip your garage into shape with the best garage storage solutions on the market. Reclaim your space, even park in your garage again. Now, that is enlightenment!

Garage Nirvana

Attain a higher level with a complete garage make-over. You open the door and we do the rest. An organized, labeled, accessible and neatly arranged garage is truly living on a higher plane. Rise above the mess!

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Rise above the mess

Monkey Bar Garage Storage Systems are heavy duty, versatile, affordable and efficient. Our Garage Organization Systems allow you to utilize space much better than do competing products, without being limited by capacity or wall space. Each garage storage component is easy to change and offers many options as your storage needs evolve over time. We believe you’ll find our storage systems are more affordable than other solutions, offering more storage for your money.

From cabinets, shelves, bars and hooks to slat wall systems, and attractive and durable flooring treatments, we’re the new solution for the age-old problem. Time to fit that car back into the garage!

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